Ten New Records Born In HONGDU In P.R. China

July 3, 1954 The first airplane PT5(§ñ§Ü-18)made in P.R. China was rolled out in HONGDU.

November 30,1957 The first military three-wheel motorcycle Changjiang 750 was developed in HONGDU.

December 10,1957 The first multipurpose civil airplane Y5(An 2) was manufactured in HONGDU.

Augest 27,1958 The first primary trainer PT6 designed and manufactured by HONGDU flew to sky.

June 4,1965 The first supersonic jet attacker A5 was developed in HONGDU, which filled in the major gaps in China's aviation industry.

November, 1966 The first batch of coastal defense missiles were developed and passed verification test in HONGDU.

December 26,1989 The first agricultural and forestry airplane N5A developed according to CCAR in the whole process was developed and performed maiden flight in HONGDU.

November 21,1990 The first basic jet trainer K8 of fully new version developed by selffinancing and international cooperation was rolled out in HONGDU.

December 15,1994 The first projectile weaving machine P7100 developed by introducing world advanced technology was laid out in HONGDU, and now HONGDU is the sole enterprise in China for developing and producing projectile weaving machines.

December 27,1999 A contract was signed between China and Egypt for co-production of 80 K8E jet trainers and export of the production line, which initiated exportation of whole aircraft production line and created the highest export finance by a single project in China's aviation industry.


Hongdu Aviation Industry Group (HONGDU for short) is a super large backbone enterprise under Chian Aviation Industry Corporation II. It was founded in 1951 and named as State-run Hongdu Machinery-building Factory and Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company later. After about 50 years' development, it has become a high science & technology enterprise group combining scientific research, production and marketing of the aviation products, motorcycles, motors and textile machineries.

In recent years, under the policy of Taking Aviation Products as a Basis, Developing Civil Products in Large Scale, Engaging in Diversified Economy and Speeding up Development, HONGDU has developed new-types of basic trainer and agricultural aircraft with modern international level, developed by investment and co-operation the civilian industry such as motorcycles, projectile weaving machines, sport exercisers, paper-making machines, mopeds and electric bicycles, golf carts, electric power equipment, coating and decoration equipment and building equipment, and cultivated a number of new economic growth points and achieved enterprise diversification. Since 1989, HONGDU has been listed as one of the 500 largest industrial enterprises in China and one of the 512 enterprises specially supported by the central government in 1996.

HONGDU participates vigorously in international cooperation and exchange and opens up uninterruptedly international markets. Her main products have been sold to dozens of countries and regions.

On the principle of Mutual Benefit and Development, HONGDU sincerely expects to have cooperation with all circles at home and abroad to make a greater contribution in the 21 century.

HONGDU has been receiving the loving care from the Party and State leaderships and the energetic support from central government and local authorities during her establishment and development, which have been greatly inspiring and encouraging all HONGDU people to carry forward the HONGDU spirits of Devoting Oneself to Aviation, Working Hard, Exploiting and Progressing, and Striving for Excellence and strive for the development of China's aviation industry and the strengthening of national defense capability.