HONGDU has a strong multifunction and production capacity. It has more than 6400 machining facilities, among which the quantity of CNC machines stands in the front position in the same trade in China. It possesses and abundant strength in the fields of painting, electroplating, heat treatment, sheet-metal forming, metal processing, non-metal manufacturing, riveting and assembling. Especially in recent years, batches of international advanced equipment, such as five-axis CNC machines, fluid cell presses, CNC section stretch forming presses, sheet stretch forming presses, precision internal and external grinding machines, cam grinders, multipurpose furnaces, vacuum furnaces, etc. have been introduced, making the integrated processing capability of the enterprise more powerful in competition. During the Tenth Five-year, HONGDU will enhance technical reconstruction and improve further the capabilities of sheetmetal forming, CNC machining, etc., to make the manufacture-engineering and processing capability reach the domestic advanced level.

5-axis miiling centre
A corner in CNC machining center
3-axis measuring instrument
A5-axis CNC planer miller is making a large-size part.
large vacuum glowing furnace
Autoclave for forming composite material part